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Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cup 5 Count 1.2 Ounce Each 3-pack BGLGJXUSD

Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cup 5 Count 1.2 Ounce Each 3-pack BGLGJXUSD

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Enjoy a burst of mango-peach flavor that pops with this deliciously refreshing gum from TridentPacked with surprising pops of flavor, Trident Vibes gum is juicy and sweet with a candy-like appealTrident Vibes' texture transforms as you chew, starting with a crisp outer shell that gives way to a smooth, effortless chewEach re-closeable bottle pack contains 40 cubes of mouthwatering Trident Vibes sugar free gumThis pack includes six 40-piece bottles of Trident Vibes Tropical Beat Sugar Free Gum

Meet Tropical Beat

Trident Vibes Tropical Beat gum is so much more than regular chewing gum. It starts with a sweet, light crystal candy coating and transforms as you chew into smooth gum. This cube-shaped tropical gum is packed with a mango-peach flavor burst that pops!

Chew Tranquility

Beachy besties can bliss out during any chew time of day with a burst of something new: Trident Vibes Tropical Beat gum. You can almost hear the rhythm of drums, feel the sunshine warming your face, and smell the salt in the air.

This tropical gum makes the best study partner. You know, when you really just need something to chew! It's juicy and sweet with a candy-like appeal that's similar to gummy candy (minus the sugar!).

Looking for something fun to bring to your next party, study group or meeting These relaxed little nuggets of fruit gum will do the trick. In fact, keeping Tropical Beat with you on the go is the best way to roll. Trident Gum knows that car gum is totally a thing. That's why we designed the gum car cup for Trident Vibes that fits right in your cup holder--so you can grab a piece whenever and wherever you are.


If Trident Vibes Tropical Beat was a feeling, it would be happiness. Breezy, casual, and fun, Trident Vibes Tropical Beat will transport you to tranquility with bursts of tropical gum refreshment (like a dip in the ocean post tan).

Surprise your squad with trendy gum everyone will flip over! Plus, this tropical gum looks lit in your #goals vacation and travel Insta shots or Snaps. Trident Vibes is like Trident Gum's chic island tour guide napping under a palm tree.

Get a piece of this Trident Vibes action for yourself to experience a unique tropical gum combo of cheeky peach and tangy mango--like a tasty fruit smoothie.

Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cup 5 Count 1.2 Ounce Each 3-pack BGLGJXUSD

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